Tuesday, February 14, 2012

She's Got Balls

Joseph B. Nadeau:

Central Falls High School's big shout-out came over the school's success in raising its four-year graduation rate from 54 percent to 71 percent last year, according to Gist.

Meanwhile, under the graduation requirements Gist was pushing last year (and this year too, more or less), only 21% of CFHS 11th graders would be qualified to graduate based on their NECAP math scores (down 3% over the past two years) and only 69% would make it in reading, where the percent scoring at level 1 (the lowest) has doubled over the past two years.

Overall, reading proficiency is down 14%, writing down 15% and math is flat (at 7%) since Commissioner Gist's dramatic intervention two years ago.

On the other hand, if things go well, we may make it back to status quo ante by next year!

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