Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lottery Day

So, several of the RI charters are having their lotteries Thursday, including two which we've entered Vivian into. I've done a pretty good job of not obsessing over this, but still, it is going to be a little nerve-wracking. The key factor here is that the PPSD lottery will take place later at a more vaguely defined date, so this isn't a "ZOMG, get into a charter or we're screwed" situation, but there are many overlapping scenarios which will be resolved randomly over the next month or so.

I just keep thinking about the $250 a year Vivian might gain by having a high value added teacher.


Sean said...

I hesitate to ask how it went, but I'm interested.

Also: I have a nephew who lives in Providence. His parents want what most parents want, but they're not snobs. In other words, an average value-added score amongst its kindergarten teachers that is .55-.85.

Really, though, what charters should they be looking at?

Tom Hoffman said...

Apparently no dice, but we weren't really counting on it. We applied to Highlander, which is two blocks from our house, so that would have been nice, and Cuffee, which we have a kind of weird relationship with since we have friends there and the school offered my wife a teaching job which they rescinded when they found out she was pregnant with the child who is now preparing for kindergarten.

I guess Times^2 is ok too but more of a proto-"no excuses" model.

Unfortunately, RIDE is making all the charters much more test-focused, which is definitely bringing their scores up significantly, but making them less of a real alternative.