Thursday, January 31, 2013

AF Billboards and Bus Shelter Signs Up In Elmwood

In case you were wondering.

It is funny though to be able to context switch and see this from the parents point of view. One thing that is bizarre for a parent already trying to maintain some mental balance around the idea that they are raising their children in a moderately dangerous neighborhood is the idea that the great "college prep" elementary school is in a worse neighborhood across town.

As an ed policy person, I understand why you put a "no excuses" charter in a bad neighborhood on purpose, and if you live in that neighborhood, it would be nice. But if I was going to send my child to a school outside the neighborhood, I'd prefer if it was not such an awful neighborhood.

Below you can see the crimes reported in the past two weeks around the former Perry Middle School (A=assault, T=larceny theft, Q=disorder):

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