Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Write Letters

Mayor Taveras,

As the parent of a kindergartener in Providence (thus eligible for the AFPMA lottery), I am concerned and distressed that Benjamin Smith, of Achievement First, was unable or unwilling to explain to me the school's lottery process when I contacted him last week, claiming that at this late date, the process had still not been finalized.

I see that the subject of the lottery is on the agenda for Friday's board meeting.  I strongly urge you, as chairman of the school's board, to take action to resolve the issue and make the information publicly available as soon as possible.

I am particularly concerned about my rights as a Providence parent and that the process respects the legal requirement for an equal number of enrollments to be offered to Providence, and each additional participating community.  We should be guaranteed 1/4 of the seats.

As our representative, I rely on you to ensure that we (and the other communities) are offered the required number of seats as the first step in the lottery process.

Thank you,
Tom Hoffman

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