Friday, January 04, 2013

The Six-Hour Gist/Lusi/Taveras Sit Down

I've heard there was a tense six hour meeting between the revived Deb Gist, Mayor Taveras and Superintendent Lusi on the Wednesday before winter break. Followed by three hour PPSD zone meetings with principals the next day.

It took me until yesterday to realize that in addition to Gist being back on the job after her brain surgery this fall, RIDE should have at least preliminary NECAP scores by now, so that would be a possible trigger for all this.

So... expect RIDE to be breathing down the PPSD's neck even more then they already do. One thing I do know is that the district is putting a lot of new pressure through on high school teachers through new rules and procedures to not fail students and crank up the credit recovery. Gotta juke those grad rate stats!


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Tom Hoffman said...

Let's just say one principal went off the reservation a bit and laid out the whole sequence to his faculty.