Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Interim Assessments

The Unknown Commenter:

We have a proxy now for the coming PARCC test, the RI "Interim Assessments," designed by Measured Progress. Each fall, winter and spring assessment is three days long. Each ELA session consists of 13 questions. There is a "constructed response," limited to 800 characters, a sort of bastardized essay, at the end of each session. We have just gotten back the raw results. In the 10th grade, for example, not one kid in the state met proficiency. The 7th grade results---where I teach---were hardly better. Among other texts far above the reading competency of 99% of 7th graders, was "A Vindication of the Right of Women: with Strictures Moral and Cultural" by Mary Wollstonecraft. Ask around and find out more. I would guess that when the Interim Assessment results hit the news, there will be widespread outrage.

Just passing that along...

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