Monday, April 08, 2013

Ambitious People Aren't Going to Settle for Performance Pay

OK, it is probably tedious at this point to point out the TFA'ers often leave the classroom pretty quickly -- especially considering I didn't hang in there any longer myself. However, I can still find it funny that Gary Rubinstein's new ex-TFA correspondent, Matt Barnum, left for law school as soon as possible despite his enthusiasm for his host district's performance-pay system:

I spent the last two school years teaching in Harrison Two Schools, a high-poverty district in southern Colorado Springs that has put in place one of the most progressive, far-reaching teacher evaluation systems in the country. At Harrison, teachers are no longer paid based on seniority or given automatic pay bumps for earning master's degrees. They are compensated based on performance, judged through test scores and principal evaluations. It's a system that might just represent the future of public schools across the country.

It may be the future of public schools, but it will not be the future of Matt Barnum. He's got bigger fish to fry.

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