Monday, April 01, 2013

To Hell with Superman, I'm Just Waiting for Someone Who Isn't a Crook

Charlie Pierce:

We really should all agree now that the American corporate class essentially is made up these days, high and low, entirely of grifting pieces of dickweed who don't have the moral sense possessed by spirochete, and that anything they touch will inevitably become in some way a thieves paradise, and that any education "reform" proposed, developed, and/or modeled for the nation by the members of its corporate class invariably will take on the ethical norms, not of the old American classroom, but of the new American boardroom. Those norms will infect everything. People are going to cheat. People are going to steal. The situation in Atlanta is only the most recent example.

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Stephen Downes said...

I have long since concluded that the only thing that prevents me from becoming a successful businessman is that I am not a crook.