Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Creating the Netflix for Educational Resources May Not Be Enough

Here's what I've been getting from Netflix (DVD) for a while:

  • Jennifer and I watch many of the standard critically acclaimed cable series, or at least try them all out.
  • I'm slowly going through their back catalog of skate DVD's.
  • Documentaries or historical fiction for Jennifer's classes.
  • We'll occasionally break that up with a new release.

We have, of course, gotten a wide range of other things in the past, but the algorithm is pretty simple and consistent at this point.

On the front page of Netflix I now have:

  • Golden Globe Award-winning Dark TV Dramas
  • Dramas
  • Horror
  • Heartfelt Documentaries
  • Critically-acclaimed Military Movies

I already know the TV series I want to watch because we're just watching stuff after it has had time to get some good press or at least a shout out from Dan Meyer. It would be nice if it would tell me when new seasons of shows I've watched in the past have come out, but it doesn't for some reason.

It is actually rather difficult to dig out the skateboarding videos out of the catalog. Probably bad metadata. It is always the damn metadata. Otherwise, it should be about the simplest possible case. Based on your watching a bunch of skateboard videos from 10 years ago we thought you might like these other old skateboarding videos.

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