Friday, April 05, 2013


It is looking increasingly likely that we're going to be moving the family to Scotland for a year, August 2013 - August 2014, so Jennifer can get a master's degree in environmental history from the University of Stirling. Jennifer is taking a leave from the PPSD (she just missed being eligible for a sabbatical), I can work from anywhere, and the girls have no major entanglements. Stirling just re-did its skatepark, so I should be all set.

This won't necessarily change my blogging at all, since I'm not exactly running on shoe-leather reporting now.


Unknown said...

Congratulations from an avid reader! Sounds like a grand adventure for everyone.

Sean said...

Congrats to your wife, what a cool thing to study.

I sincerely hope you maintain at least half of your current output, though. There's a) no better online advocate for PPSD students and b) no better read on why things like inBloom are frightening. Bonus points for your minimalist them, refusal to pander, and hilarious loyalty to blogger.

Do wish you'd scaffold your tech posts though. Takes me like 3 hours to process 1/10th of those "here's why inBloom's open source is a sham" posts, for example.