Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Choice, Data and Competition Between BVP Schools

Following up on a post from last week, at this point only Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary School 1 has third graders taking the NECAP and thus a classification, and RIDE's PDF report cuts off the name of the school before you see if there is a "1" at the end. They don't use the "1" in the NECAP reports from Measured Progress, and Information Works! says "Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary School" and "Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary 2 School."

So in the long run, it seems like they'll be reporting data separately, which will be interesting. My question is whether you can apply specifically to one or the other. I've never seen any indication that you can. They certainly don't encourage you to think that way.

It's no great scandal -- although certainly you should be able to apply to the school you want -- but it will be interesting to see how this plays out over time. Will they play up the differences, foster competition and choice, or work to keep everything balanced and a uniform front?

Time will tell.

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