Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Atrios Said


As I've written before, an issue in American politics isn't just that too many whites can't stand the idea of blah people getting any of "their" money, it's that they truly think there is some secret welfare system that only blah people have access to. Plenty of white people have had whatever it is amounts to "welfare" in this country and have found it to be quite stingy. All those young bucks with their cadillacs and t-bone steaks must be getting the really good welfare.

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garrett said...

Wait, there's an Atrios link (doesn't really count, you ripped it verbatim), then there's the NYT link, he has about 6 more links in his article. So I'm just going to stick to your original post.-- I don't get it. -- Walk me through it like I'm a 14 year old. Core Cruckulumn stuff. It's a classic situation of "show me don't tell", the poetry teacher catchphrase. Yes T-Bone steaks and Hummers add that 'show' flair, but basically, yes, I'm fourteen years old, what are you telling me, Papa?