Friday, December 13, 2013

Fordham Has Strange Ideas About Standards Design

You might not be surprised that Fordham's ratings of state (and other) standards have, shall we say, a point of view on what kind of content and skills should be in there. Nor, for that matter, is that inappropriate.

However, I doubt informed observers realize that Fordham's ratings put a fair amount of weight on the organization and presentation of the standards. They are really rating the "document," not the standards themselves, and they have some very... specific ideas about what should and should not be done. For example, saying a standard applies to multiple grades (e.g., 4-5) is ok; listing the same standard twice, once in each grade, is not ok. The score does not even purport to directly represent the standards themselves.

Anyhow, I got a bit deeper into the weeds on that than I intended in a post over at Common Core Annoyances.

Also, you might not be shocked to know that all three states using the same NECAP GLE's got different scores...

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