Tuesday, December 03, 2013

In Honor of PISA Day

I suggest we adopt the "compulsory part" of the Hong Kong senior secondary level English curriculum:

Below is a list of suggested modules and units for senior secondary level:

  • Getting along with Others
    • Friendship and Dating
    • Sharing, Co-operation, Rivalry
  • Study, School Life and Work
    • Study and Related Pleasure/Problems
    • Experiments and Projects
    • Occupations, Careers and Prospects
  • Cultures of the World
    • Travelling and Visiting
    • Customs, Clothes and Food of Different Places
  • Wonderful Things
    • Successful People and Amazing Deeds
    • Great Stories
    • Precious Things
  • Nature and Environment
    • Protecting the Environment
    • Resources and Energy Conservation
  • The Individual and Society
    • Crime
    • Human Rights (personal rights, civic rights, respect)
  • Communicating
    • The Media and Publications
    • International Network (Internet)
  • Technology
    • Changes Brought about by Technology
  • Leisure and Entertainment
    • The World of Sports
    • “Showbiz”

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