Friday, March 14, 2008

Gruber on "One App at a Time"

I suspect Sugar ought to take a few pages from the iPhone:

Why has Apple imposed this limitation? Easy: the iPhone is severely resource constrained. Battery, RAM, and CPU cycles are all severely limited. If third-party apps could run in the background, all three could suffer. RAM would suffer for sure; all running apps consume memory. The iPhone has just 128 MB of RAM, and no swap space. CPU performance and battery life would suffer when background apps do something — and if they’re not doing anything, what’s the point of keeping them running? I noticed a significant increase in battery life after I switched the Mail app’s auto-checking interval from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. That’s just one app...
And, the iPhone engineering team has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure these background apps have a minimal CPU/battery/memory footprint while they are running. Call them hypocrites if you will for disallowing third-parties from creating background-capable apps, but Apple only uses background processes itself for a handful of flagship apps. (The iPod app, for example, only runs in the background if you switch to another app while it’s playing an audio track. Otherwise, it too quits on switch.)

In particular, the XO would benefit from somebody taking some extraordinary lengths to optimize its Browser's footprint.

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