Friday, March 28, 2008

Noted Without Comment

Casey Adams (via email):

We are officially announcing organizational changes specific to Glen Abbey Software and The Miller Group, represented primarily by Mr. Jack Miller. Glen Abbey Software was an original partner with Jack Miller providing the primary representation for that firm. Earlier this month, Mr. Miller decided to officially withdraw himself and Glen Abbey Software from the OS4Ed organization. We were sad to see Mr. Miller leave and wish him the best of luck in his personal endeavors as he continues to foster the development of Centre SIS. If you are engaged in conversations or negotiations with Mr. Miller currently, please understand you are not speaking with a representative of OS4Ed. If you are discussing products listed on the website with Mr. Miller, they are being misrepresented.

It has recently come to our attention that many of you have received one or more emails from a mailing list controlled by The Miller Group with marketing content specific to the Centre SIS, which in our opinion contains some dubious claims about solution capability. We wanted to bring it to your attention, that if you have not personally registered on the website or placed your email address conspicuously in the public domain, that your email address may have been added to that list without your permission. In his time with OS4Ed, Mr. Miller had complete access to our OS4Ed registered user database and to our Sugar CRM database where we actively kept our sales leads and public relations contact information. In our investigation, we have come to a confident conclusion that Mr. Miller may have likely added your email addresses to his mailing list without ours or your permission. We have asked Mr. Miller directly if he has taken those email addresses and used them inappropriately without permission, but he will not give us a direct answer nor will he provide evidence that the emails were obtained in a different manner. This refusal to give us a direct answer makes us even more suspicious that he has done just that without any of our consent. We have asked Mr. Miller to remove and delete your email addresses, sent him a cease and desist email and are following up with a formal cease and desist letter.

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