Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sugar Redesign Proposal

I put off looking at this set of proposals on the OLPC wiki for refining the Sugar UI, in part because it is hard to say what the best case timeframe for getting them done would be, in part because the amount of things that ought to be changed makes me vaguely nauseous. But, having looked at the proposal, it does seem like a good set of improvements that wouldn't be too difficult to implement.

I'd be curious to see if Mark's kids could grok this and offer kid's point of view feedback. Of course, arguing about discussing UI elements is hard enough for adults -- we've been doing it for the past couple of weeks for SchoolTool -- so I'm not sure what a reasonable expectation is from kids.

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Mark Ahlness said...

Tom, my kids would LOVE the stuff I see in those proposals! If I ever get them going on Jeff Utecht's XO Experience, that would be a perfect forum for their feedback. Thanks for keeping us posted!