Friday, March 28, 2008

Visiting Threadless and Other Gifts

Pictured above, Ignas and me at the beginning of our sprint, sans easel.

After the SchoolTool sprint at PyCon, I had the opportunity to take our four high school interns into Chicago to visit the headquarters of Threadless. Their CTO, Harper Reed, had gotten in touch with me about hosting community Jabber servers and invited us over for a tour. It is pretty much the wacky hip startup environment you've read about many times, except paid for with several years of actual profits instead of rapidly burning VC money. It was good for the kids to see; certainly more glamorous than the bowels of the Crowne Plaza O'Hare, where we'd been hacking away all week. Made me feel old and square though. I think blurting out that I played drums for Unrest at the Czar Bar in 1990 (or something like that) would only make things worse.

Anyhow, thanks to Harper for the tour, and it looks like skinnyCorp is going to do some community server hosting for the OLPC community.

In other news, I've received a prototype active antenna from OLPC. I think I'm going to clear a partition on my ThinkPad for the XS server image so I can see what this thing can do.


Wayan said...


Good to hear you're looking at starting up community Jabber servers. We were just thinking of starting a DC server last night. Do you think Threadless will have one up shortly, or should we continue with our efforts?

Either way, we'd love to have a subdomain.

Tom Hoffman said...


I definitely think it would be helpful to have as many eyes as possible working on getting community Jabber servers running, so I'd encourage you guys to try to get one going at dc. Let me know what IP address to point the subdomain at.