Saturday, July 24, 2010


reported by ISD Rhom Windfell | 2010.07.24 14:11:49:

Breaking News: Ushra'Khan Alliance Disbanded

4B-NQN, Providence - A few hours ago, Ushra'Khan [UNITY] lost sovereignty over three systems after corporations were unexpectedly removed from the alliance, it is thought, by a Hydra Reloaded [HYDRA] spy.

In Catch, JWZ2-V, formerly held by Endless Possibilities Inc and UQ-PWD, which was controlled by The Resident Haunting, were both lost, while in Providence, Universal Army's removal cost Ushra'Khan control of 4B-NQN. All told, 15 corporations were removed from Ushra'Khan, with only Unity Holdings and Neh'bu Kau Be'Hude, the executor corporation, being left in the alliance, apparently under control of the Hydra agent.

Ugleb of UNITY said: "As of now, the Ushra'Khan are under hostile control and considered lost."

He believes the traitor to be Tarac Nor, a member of UNITY who has been in the alliance for a year and only recently earned a Head Diplomat role.

Ugleb revealed why he thought Tarac has done it: "Well he is Caldari, I assume [for] ISK."

So far Tarac Nor has not replied to the Interstellar Correspondents' request for an interview. Stay with us as we look to bring further information as we get it.

CCP keeps it easy for dramatic high-level betrayals to wreck alliances that take years to build up, because... DRAMA! And then lots of people blowing up spaceships, which is always fun.

What sucks though is losing the name of the oldest and one of the proudest and most storied alliances in the game.

We go on.

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