Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Fine Line Between Success and Failure for Rhode Island's High Schools

Let's look at three Rhode Island high schools referred to in Rhode Island's Race to the Top application:

  • School A is one of the "'proof of concept' schools" that "exemplify our theory of action, with effective teachers and leaders working within a system of policies and resources based on student needs. They demonstrate the power of this strategy to produce extraordinary growth."
  • School B is one of the "persistently lowest performing."
  • At School C, "The focus needed to sustain the (turnaround) work was not adequately created at the district level. The lack of adequate financial resources (to sustain job-embedded professional development and collaborative planning time), ongoing leadership coordination (between RIDE, the LEA, and the school) and mechanisms to ensure and strengthen buy-in from staff, the original design could not be sustained."

OK, so here are the 2008-2009 teaching year NECAP scores of the three schools, Rogers High School, Feinstein High School, and Hope Arts High School:

Which is School A, B and C?

The answer is in the comments.

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Tom Hoffman said...

School A = Rogers;
School B = Feinstein;
School C = Hope Arts.