Monday, July 26, 2010

The Subtle Distinction is Lost on Me

Jeremy Chiappetta, principal of Democracy Prep Blackstone Valley:

RT @ri_chris: Sounds like trophies for everyone. I hope this isn't true. RT @CumberlandRI: Cumb "Effort Honor Roll"


Schools across New England have been publishing their end-of-year honor rolls in the local papers. Many of these schools - from Rockport to Bedford, N.H. to Cumberland, R.I. - also include something called the “Effort Honor Roll.” This is the honor roll for kids who, well, didn’t actually make the honor roll but should feel good about it, anyway.

You tried, you failed. Congratulations!

Ashton Elementary School in Cumberland, R.I., says that the Effort Honor Roll is to honor consistently outstanding effort at school. These efforts include “consistently exhibits politeness, kindness and respect toward others” and “consistently works to best of ability.”

Democracy Prep HQ:

DREAM Rubric and DREAM Dollar Paychecks: Our school culture and behavioral framework are based on Discipline, Respect, Enthusiasm, Accountability, and Maturity, or DREAM. Reports distributed weekly to students and parents come in the form of a DREAM "paycheck" which can total up to $100.00 in DREAM- Dollars. Students will accumulate a college scholarship fund based on 10% of their DREAM-Dollar balance redeemable at graduation with interest applied over seven years of DREAM. Students can use DREAM dollars to "buy" privileges and benefits at school auctions, school trips, as well as other special rewards or recognitions. Every teacher monitors DREAM, recognizes students for exemplary behavior, and deducts DREAM-Dollars for infractions.

So... just don't call it an "honor roll?"


Mr. Lauer said...

The Charlie Hustle Award...

Tom Hoffman said...

What's the line on that this year?