Monday, January 24, 2011

Dropping the Ball on the Whole Graduation Requirements Thing

One of the reasons this blog is not called, say, The Rhode Island Education Policy Reporter is that I reserve the right to just take a pass on covering important issues if I don't feel like it. Like right now I'm not going to actually type the long, rambling post on the new proposed RI graduation requirements that has been running through my head.

Jill Davidson has a good rundown, however, including this video made by made by Mike McCarthy, a second-year student at College Unbound, which is essentially Big Picture's college experiment.

By the way, if anyone in RI ever wants help coming up with statistics, charts, talking points, etc., for this kind of resistance, don't hesitate to ask.

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Headphones said...

Thanks for this. I am a high school teacher at the MET in Providence, and we are doing everything we can to stop this absurdity. Please email me at I'm very interested in your offer for statistics and research.