Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post AFC Championship Thoughts

The key play was the almost-blocked punt that was a roughing penalty instead. I didn't think the Jets would win without a special teams touchdown or big play, and that was the difference.

I think Dick LeBeau knows how much time it takes to score more than 24 points against his prevent defense and a conservative Steelers offense, barring a turnover or special teams gaffe, and it is exactly 34 minutes.

That first half performance by the Steelers offensive line was the upset of the year within the game. Especially with Pouncey going out. And that's by far the best I've seen Mendenhall run.

The Packers should be heavy favorites going into the Super Bowl.

I think to understand long-term Steelers fans, or, at least, my attitude, you have to appreciate how good the Steelers teams of the early '90's were -- particularly at playing "Steelers football." None of those teams won a Super Bowl, and they suffered some painful collapses in multiple conference championships and a Super Bowl. But they felt like much better teams, mostly because they had great offensive lines. I'm convinced the 2008 Steelers had the worst offensive line to ever win a super bowl, and this year's Pittsburgh o-line is even worse, even with Pouncey healthy. It doesn't compute. According to the rules of Steelers football, this team should not be able to win.

So... Here We Go, Steelers! I don't know how they're doing it, but Yay!

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jackson blossom said...

What a run. We beat Brady and Peyton, and made it a game. Watch for the return of Ropati Pitoitua and Kris Jenkins, and genetically re-engineered knees and achilles. Good luck at the Big Show!