Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shielding Low-Income Schools from Layoffs

OK, I don't like courts overriding long established contract provisions and generally throwing the bargaining process into disarray, but as recent reform efforts go, providing layoff protection to teachers in unstable, low-income schools seems relatively benign.

I mean, you couldn't do it in Providence, since there are no non-low-income schools, but perhaps it makes sense for LAUSD.

On the other hand, they're almost certain to change the new seniority-except-for-poor-schools system to some bullshit that will fall more heavily on low-income schools as soon as possible. Particularly once middle-class parents realize what's going on. Imagine if the courts imposed a system on Providence that required the teachers at Classical, Vartan Gregorian, Nathaniel Greene and Nathan Bishop (i.e., East Side and gifted program schools (which still are high-poverty compared to the suburbs)) to always be put at the front of the line for layoffs.

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