Friday, April 22, 2011

Going for the Trifecta?

M. Klonsky:

Rahm Emanuel isn't even officially mayor yet and he's already got the city and its schools in a fine mess. His appointment of the embattled J.C. Brizard as schools CEO (that's what we call school superintendents here in Chicago) rivals only Bloomberg's pick of Cathie Black in N.Y. as most embarrassing of the year.

Former Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson and a New York City schools superintendent, Cami Anderson, are the two finalists (for Newark Superintendent), according to five sources involved in the search who requested anonymity because they are not authorized to speak publicly. (emphasis mine)

I think Chris Cerf is trolling me.


doyle said...

Dear Tom,

I'm sure you know this already, bit others might not (unless they click the links): Brizard was a finalist for the Newark position.

Tom Hoffman said...

I did not know that.