Monday, April 11, 2011

Real Reasons Education Reform Will Become "Deadlocked"

Anna Martin:

Many of the teachers placed here have made what TFA terms “significant gains”—moving students who were significantly behind grade level more than one year’s worth of growth in reading or math on standardized tests.

However, our rotating door of new TFA teachers, who spend on average one to two years figuring out how to manage and then teach 30-35 middle schoolers, and then begin to demonstrate gains for a year or two before leaving for bigger and better things, has not made a statistically significant dent in our students’ state test scores for the last four to five years—we have continued to hover at around 30-40% proficient in math and reading.

In an unrelated note from Portsmouth, RI:

By the way, the last two "teachers of the year" have resigned this school year.

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