Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reality Check

From Providence's RttT Scope of Work:

The major adaptive challenges in implementing instructional improvement systems include inadequate infrastructure, insufficient end-user hardware and inadequate staffing resources. The average age of the district's buildings is 75 years. Despite the district's best attempts to update its technology infrastructure, significant challenges still remain. Infrastructure issues include an outdated network infrastructure, including switches, routers and wireless access points; issues with electricity, including insufficient electrical wiring, insufficient number of power sources, outlets in classrooms, etc. In terms of hardware, the district's technology plan calls for a student to computer ratio of 3:1. However, the actual ratio remains well above this 3:1 goal. The district is also grappling with inadequate numbers of smart boards, sound enhancement systems and projectors. Lastly, current IT staffing does not include sufficient numbers nor the requisite specialized skill set to fully support the technological needs of the district. The IT staff would need to be doubled (from 9 to 18), and the types of positions reconfigured to provide adequate support for the district's data warehouse system, network support, software deployment, and the provision of technical assistance and training to end-users.

RttT does not directly fund any of the above.

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Anonymous said...

"inadequate numbers of smart boards"

We are in trouble.