Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nobody Could Have Predicted

Linda Borg for the ProJo:

...the School Board has abandoned plans to create a separate labor-management organization that was supposed to oversee profound reforms at the schools identified last year by state Education Commissioner Deborah A. Gist as among the state’s lowest-performing.

That pact, called an “education management organization,” fell apart, the victim of too little time, too much legal complexity and, according to Smith, distrust among the School Board, the union and Brady over the district’s acceptance of a larger role for the union in shaping educational changes.

Smith claims that the School Board didn’t want to cede any of its authority to a separate labor-management nonprofit organization, called United Providence.

This is the problem with people wagging their fingers at the unions and telling them they have to remake their role to be "relevant." It by definition requires that unions be given more power in certain areas, and that ain't the way the wind is blowing.

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