Friday, January 13, 2012

Depressingly Familiar II

Gotham Schools:

An informational session last night at the soon-to-be-shuttered Peninsula Preparatory Academy charter school turned into an emotional sounding board for frustrated parents.

“We find the decision wholly illogical, immoral, perhaps illegal and outright wrong,” said Chantilly Joachin, president of the school’s parent organization.

At the heart of their exasperation was the notion that the city was moving to close such a school in an area where few high quality options exist. Ninety-five percent of students who attend Peninsula Prep on the Rockaways are zoned for district schools that rank lower on city’s student performance index. The city plans to close one of those schools, P.S. 215, further limiting school options.

Yes, Deb Gist was ahead of the curve when she tried this on Highlander last year.

And truly, it is a measure of what a bubble these people are living in when they think that this sort of thing doesn't have a serious downside to the charter community. People really don't want to choose schools for their children that are likely to close before their children graduate.

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