Thursday, January 19, 2012

PPSD Registration

I should note that last Friday we registered Vivian as an incoming kindergartner in the PPSD. They've started the process early this year, which is probably a good thing. Days are assigned by first letter of the last name. I wasn't sure how many people would be aware of the early start, but the office was certainly busy. Nonetheless, please don't spread the word because the less competition for the selection lottery the better. Thanks.

It is crazy how many "neighborhood" (within 1 mile) elementary schools we have here. Six? I don't even know where some of them are. I bring this up to aggravate my friends on the West End.

So we have one longshot lottery PPSD school, one longshot lottery neighborhood charter, a "might as well apply" longshot charter, and a fallback neighborhood school which would be fine for at least the next two years. Whether or not I think this is a good system depends on whether or not we win the lottery.


Jill Davidson said...

Of the schools that are within your 1-mile radius, does PPSD consider the ALL to be neighborhood schools for you? At one point, the district had a policy that each student had 2 (and no more) neighborhood schools, whether there were more than 2 schools that met that criteria or fewer, and they knew which 2 those were. Don't know if that still the case - wondering what you learned during the process. Best wishes for getting an outcome you're happy with!

Tom Hoffman said...

It is all within 1 mile -- she read them off the computer screen, so I'm pretty confident that's how it is implemented. That was a big relief since Reservoir is I think the third or fourth closest but still well under a mile.