Monday, February 26, 2007

Filtering Question: Is Music the Most Important Thing?

If you say "No," I probably can't read what you write about kids and the media. It will drive me insane. For example, Will quotes this today:

When I was in high school, you’d have to be a megalomaniac or the most popular kid around to think of yourself as having a fan base.

Yeah, well, either that, or you were in a band.


JimMc said...

I look forward to reaching the inevitable saturation point. Where there are sooo many kids doing the same exact thing, and it become more humdrum than "ho-boy!".

Mostly though, I look forward to the point where the adults stop trying to figure out "what do I do about this?" and realize that it's not for you and it's not about you. No matter what you do and no matter how cleverly you incorporate web 2.0 into your world, most of us will always be boring "don't-get-it" adults to kids.

Sorry for the downer. Have a nice day everyone! ;)

Bud Hunt said...

So when and how do we arrange the edtech jam session? I'm in.