Thursday, February 08, 2007

That's It. I'm Out.

I was reading "MySchool 2.0" by David Jakes this morning and something finally snapped. I can't do this any more. Writing isn't a problem, but I can't read this ed-tech crap any more. It is insipid. I'm just not getting anything out of it. I've cut everyone out of my ed-tech blogroll except principals, a couple graybeards, and people actively involved in open source.


Simón A. Ruiz said...

I don't blame you.

I myself have found blog-reading to be time-consuming, and am looking at what parts of my Google Reader list can be pruned to increase the signal-to-noise ratio while decreasing the amount of time I'm investing on a daily basis.

See you around!

JimMc said...

Tufte would have a field day with this thing

Kimberly Moritz said...

I don't know if it's the reaction you were looking for, but I'm laughing my butt off at this post! I'm also hoping you'll elaborate.

Gnuosphere said...

Tom, this is no way to get popular. ;)

FWIW, I second that.

I have to admit I had a good laugh imagining one reading the Jakes article and finally slamming down the coffee cup with a "That's IT! I've $%@!ing had it with this fluff!"

I find myself in the same boat as Simon A. Ruiz...the RSS subscriptions are many and the only reasonable thing to do is spend a little time every now and then "pruning" the signal of its noise.

Miguel Guhlin (@mGuhlin) said...

Gee, I hope I made the cut...but in case I didn't, here's my take on the poo-poo.

Wishing you well,
Miguel Guhlin
Around the

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

That's the great thing about RSS - we choose who we listen to. However, I think it is important to include those who have a dissenting view from our own. (Otherwise, why would I be here ;-))

So, you might want to include one person who turns your stomach just to keep the palate clean!? Grins.