Friday, February 09, 2007

What I AM Reading

So after cutting out just about every ed-tech blog I read, I've still got 149 subscriptions, and I'm sharing about the top 5% of those posts, in terms of objectively measured quality (I've got an algorithm, but it is proprietary, sorry), so if you're looking for 10 or so good links a day from outside the echo chamber, you can subscribe to my shared feed.

In somewhat related news, it looks like a way to filter out posts that include the phrase "School 2.0" appeared the day after I asked for it. Pipes should be able to do it, but there is one problem, I need Pipes to be integrated into my RSS reader, so that, for example, all of my incoming feeds could be run through the same filter before I read them. Also, I want to be able to flag things as I'm reading them and have Pipes do different things after that point. So either Yahoo! needs an feed reader (or don't I know about the one they've got?) or Google Reader needs to add similar functionality (and I'm quite confident they will).

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