Thursday, February 08, 2007

Social Notes

Chris asks for a "social note-taking tool."

I'm generally NOT spending a lot of time trying out random free-as-in-beer web apps by startups I've never heard of, but I'm trying to make an exception for stikkit, a note-taking tool and the first app from Rael Dornfest's new startup. I say "trying" because I simply can't stay focused on any kind of note taking system. But Rael was responsible for many of my favorite books and hacks, including Peerkat, a defunct RSS aggregator which I still pine for, so I consider keeping up with Rael's ideas to be a very wise strategic investment.

Anyhow, stikkit seems very clever and rich, and worthy of a pilot with some curious students. It actually rolls some of the core ideas of Chandler into a web app... I'll be writing more on Chandler as soon as I finish Dreaming in Code.

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