Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Google Apps Podcast

I've neglected to mention that I participated in a podcasted discussion on Teachers Teaching Teachers of the various implications of Google Apps for Education and other Google-stuff for schools. I'd particularly like to thank Paul Allison for inviting me to participate, and particularly for referring to me as "a friend of Writing Projects." One thing I forgot to mention: I wonder if the metaphor for AdSense ads in Google Apps isn't that they're like, say, a billboard on the front of the school (pretty clearly not ok), but that they're more like the advertisements in magazines that the library subscribes to (pretty much universally accepted). Somewhere inbetween the two, perhaps, but those are good reference points.

Also, Pat Delaney's follow-up post on the use of Google Apps at his school is very illuminating, and his overall conclusions are spot on.

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