Thursday, February 15, 2007

They Had Me At Unctuous

I made the Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée from last weekend's New York Times Magazine for our Valentine's dinner. It is easy to make, if a little time consuming; perhaps more importantly, it is easy to remember and find all the ingredients (1 baguette, butter, Emmental cheese, 8 onions, tomato puree) while walking around the supermarket.

Goes well with rack of lamb.


Mr. Lauer said...

Wow... nice job Mr. Hoffman...

benshead said...

Glad to hear they occasionally print a useful recipe in the Magazine these days. Most times I've seen it in the last few years the recipes have seemed either too arcane, retro, or expensive for my tastes. Recipes utilizing non-dairy whipped topping was a recent feature, if I remember correctly. Craig Claiborne is, I've been sure, rolling around in his gastronomically classy grave.

In addition, I'm pleased that the parents of a 2-week-old even thought to celebrate Valentine's Day. Good on you!