Friday, May 11, 2007

Ignoring the Obvious

Will points us to a post by Greg Farr on LeaderTalk about his frustration about the inevitably slow pace of adoption of "Web 2.0" tools by his teachers. But dig down to the actual teacher's frustrations and here's the #1 concern:

How is all of this possible when our classrooms are not equipped with computers for the students? How can I incorporate technology at this level without even weekly access to computers or the computer lab? Each classroom needs at least a projector so the teacher can connect the projector to his/her computer.


Most of our students don’t even have a computer at home.

Whether or not the second one there is statistically accurate, I don't know. Even in poor neighborhoods (like the one I'm looking out my window at) many homes "have computers," although "having a computer" doesn't mean it works, is connected to the internet, isn't hogged by your big brother, etc.

Also, I don't know if the teachers in this district have laptops. That makes a pretty massive difference, too.

Regardless, I think it is perfectly natural for a teacher's enthusiasm for a new technology mandate to be dampened by limited access to said technology.

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