Monday, May 14, 2007

XO == Clamshell iMac

Chris Brian comments (sorry!) that his students are getting a lot of productive work out of their seven year old clamshell iMacs. I'd add that those iMac's specs are very close to the current XO specs. With a little historical perspective, we can see that's a sweet spot for basic desktop computing. If it is really "not about the technology," then a 466mhz processor, 256mb RAM, 1 gig hard drive is sufficient.


Chris Lehmann said...

Brian made those comments, not me. :)

bcrosby said...

Tom - I'm out ahead of you on this one. Take a look at this short post:

Tom Hoffman said...

Oh yeah, forgot about that. Also, I couldn't place "brian" with your blog, and I couldn't remember who was using old iBooks.