Friday, May 11, 2007

Sharing Posts with Google Reader

I'm very pleased Doug Noon has found my Google Reader shared posts feed useful and mind-expanding. You can tell we're on the same wavelength because his shared posts is the fourth most popular source of my shared posts (if that makes any sense).

I'm kind of surprised this feature hasn't proven to be more popular, considering a lot of people seem to be using Google Reader, and it only takes one click to share an item. I think the fact that you can't comment or tag the shared post at all is a feature, because it prevents you from making the task more complicated or involved than it needs to be.


Tom Hoffman said...

The stats are slightly hidden. Go to "Home" and then in the middle of the page it says "See personalized trends for your subscriptions and read items." Click on the link on the word "trends."

Tom Hoffman said...

Yes, I meant that my fourth biggest source of shared items is Doug's shared items. It is a little difficult to state that clearly.