Friday, June 01, 2007

Engineering is for Suckers

Matt Yglesias writes down what I've been thinking, so I don't have to:

...I'd love for somebody to write up a model for me in which the optimal level of US investment in math and science education is increased by an increase in the number of Asian scientists and engineers. If anything, it should be the reverse, right? If engineers are scarce, then a country with a lot of engineers will be a country with a lot of relatively well-compensated people. But if the supply of foreign engineers is going to increase at an astounding rate in the near future, then engineering won't be as relatively lucrative as it is today so it makes sense to cut back on our investment in educating engineers.

I suppose this is why Dan Pink trumps Tom Friedman, but the real question is who is going to wipe the baby boomer's asses when they get Alzheimer's, and do you want the person wiping your ass to be in a union or not?

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