Monday, June 11, 2007

My NECC Plans

I don't really have any, other than arriving in Atlanta on the 23rd and leaving on the 26th, hanging out with Lauer and the the Portland ed-tech mafia for a while, needling Will at some point and hanging out at the open source pavillion, or whatever it is called this year.

So if you want to grab a coffee or a beer, leave a comment. My schedule is open.


Unknown said...

Yeah, that needs to happen. We've talked before, and I am curious to hear more. Come needle me as I mess up the difference between free software and open source.

Email me and I'll toss you my cell so we can meet up.


Chris Lehmann said...

comment. :)

Anonymous said...

:) My plans are the same.

Sylvia said...

Love to meet you!

Can you email me?

Sylvia Martinez

Will Richardson said... "need" me?


Will Richardson said...

Oh wait...needling...


I feel better

Bill Fitzgerald said...

Did somebody mention grabbing a pint?

Count me in.

I'll be the bald white guy with the laptop case.

Looking forward to meeting up --


Mr. Lauer said...

Re: Fitzgerald comment... i'm sorry that would be me..

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

Actually, Tom, I'd love to say hello to you as well. Perhaps we can say hi sometime tomorrow -- will be in elluminate booth until 2 -- perhaps can catch up with you. I don't have your e-mail? Chris says you're a really nice guy.