Friday, June 15, 2007

One - Two Punch


You seem to be tossing about a number of theories. However, a lack of precision and clarity makes these theories unverifiable.

Responding to challenges to your theories with “Being deep is not where I want to go with this. I probably don’t have the capacity “ does little to advance your arguments. This is especially worrisome since you are in a privileged position to influence thousands of educators.


in this thread people have challenged your depth of understanding and you have responded by just repeating yourself

to increase my understanding of developments of literacy then I would study someone who has actually looked deeply into literacy, eg James Gee

This scrutiny is long overdue.


Bill Fitzgerald said...

I tried to leave this comment on Stephen's site, but when I hit Submit the whole thing just vanished into the ether -- so, here goes:

In Stephen's original post, he says, "Of course, we have to wait for somebody down south to 'invent' it so we can have such a system"

Actually, we don't need to wait for anybody "down south" to invent it -- if the NECC site had been built in Drupal, it would have taken about ten minutes to build out the capacity to have each event date and time enabled with a unique url -- and because the site is built in Drupal, it would be possible to generate feeds by strand, day, type of event (workshop, etc) -- these feeds would have been available as both rss and ical feeds -- And using date, location, strand, and other taxonomical information, it would be possible for each piece of information to have the equivalent of multiple parents, or to be accessible via multiple feeds depending on how the user wanted to find the info.

What Stephen is talking about in this case has been around for a while -- the irony is that the ed-tech "leaders" making the decisions on how to build the conference sites don't know the full extent of what's available, much less how to use it.

Tom Hoffman said...

Hi Bill,

I think you wanted to attach this to the post below... commenting can be a bitch.