Thursday, February 28, 2008

Giving the XS Server Some Love

John Watlington:

I'm extremely pleased to announce that Martin Langhoff will be joining OLPC, taking the position of School Server Architect, starting officially around March 15th.

Martin is currently one of the lead developers of Moodle --- a FOSS Course Management System for online learning (, although he has contributed to a number of other FOSS projects. Most of his last 10 years of work is well indexed by Google. Interesting keywords to try include mod_perl, GIT, Midgard, Arch (or GNU Arch), Moodle, OSCOM, metadata, dublin core, performance, Eduforge, Elgg, e-Prints, Mahara, PostgreSQL, Debian, TWIG, Ubuntu.

He will continue to reside in New Zealand. He's fluent in English and Spanish, and can speak some Portuguese, Catalan, Italian and German.

I will continue to work on the School Server, but will increasingly focus on the hardware, as we renew our efforts to provide low power, environmentally robust servers for rural schools. It is also time to begin work on the next generation of laptop hardware.

This sounds like a good thing to me.

Also, Morgan Collett is using his blog to refresh the documentation on getting an ejabberd server running for your community of XO users, so I encourage you to give that a shot and give him feedback.

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