Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your Moment of Koi Zen

From Sunday afternoon.


kellan said...

Is the pond frozen solid?

And, though Google is failing me, I thought I remembered you having to give away your koi or something all those many years ago when I was living in Providence. Am I mis-remembering?

Anyway, the video was a nice element to mix in.

Tom Hoffman said...


Great to hear from you! I'm sure you're very excited about the possibility of working for Microsoft and getting to re-implement Flickr in ASP.net.

The pond is, of course, not frozen "solid" or else the fish would not be swimming around ;-) The weather here has been mostly warm and occasionally cold, so we occasionally get just a thin coat of new ice with relatively warm water underneath, which means it is easy to see the fish swimming around right under the ice. Also, my pond liner is screwed up, so the pond is only about 2/3rds full, and the water where the fish are swimming is probably only about six inches deep, so they're right against the ice.

I haven't had to get rid of all my fish, but I've often been trying to get rid of some of my fish, as they tend to reproduce and grow very quickly and my pond is small.