Saturday, February 16, 2008

I HATE ServerPronto, an Infolink Company

Can I just mention that ServerPronto, an InfoLink Company, is my least favorite company in the world. I had to cancel my old credit card, so I've been steadily switching all the accounts that autobill. I get a notice from ServerPronto directing me to a web page where I can update credit card information, like everyone else does. Except on the ServerPronto site, it just has a link to submit a trouble ticket. So I do that, but their trouble ticket interface doesn't really submit a ticket when you hit submit, you have to click through another screen, which I always close, so my tickets don't get sumbitted. As far as I can tell, you really just need to call them, but they don't put their customer service number on the email and it is hard to find it on the site.


Vanik said...

Serverpronto is a huge scam. Their servers fail often, customer service is non-existent and actual cost of hosting is very high as they charge for customer service, addl. bandwidth and host of other heads. Worse, they do not accept your cancellation order and keeps on charging your credit card illegally. I am a victim of this scam where they misused my credit card information to charge my card though I cancelled their services.

Anonymous said...

I got screwed by them too. I had to cancel my debit card and filed with the BBB of Florida. The BBB could not even get through to them. The ticket system just flat out didn't work for me and I couldn't submit anything. When you call/fax them, if you get through to 'something' its an endless system that always ends up in a voice mail somewhere. They never respond. All I wanted was a little dedicated mail server but the connection was so bad that ssh would drop out.

Mr. Burns said...

Just got 97$ stolen from my CC by serverpronto. I've closed my deal with them at least one year before because they gave me a server preinstalled with irc bots and wanted me to pay a reinstall.
Now I must change my CC fast, is night now and can't wait till morning to go to the bank.
I just hope until then it won't be 9700$

Unknown said...

This company is just terrible. I honestly do not know how they manage to stay in business so long considering all the complaints and fraud stories I have come across on the internet. Take a minute and look at and look at their compiled list of complaints from around the world. Stay away from them at all costs.