Monday, February 04, 2008

Music is Inherently Good

I'd like Vivian to attend attend a school that values the arts and humanities, but I'd want it to be a school which believes that the purpose of the economy and commerce is to create the social capacity to make art. Not that the purpose of the arts and humanities is to create business opportunities.

That's my beef with getting too excited, as educators, about Tommy Friedman and Daniel Pink. The proper attitude while reading their books is "Ah, here's some middle-brow business gobbledygook that I can push on the suits to justify that which I have always believed and valued." I've always figured that's what people are really thinking, but it is hard to tell.

I mean, the bottom line of all this stuff is that a liberal arts education is still what you want. Whoopee!

And do we really need someone named "Sir Ken" to tell us creativity is important? That's some kind of sick parody in itself.

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