Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kathy Schrock's Odd Definition of Fun

Earlier this week, Best Buy started carrying the Asus eeePC with Windows XP Home installed. Mine arrived yesterday (no suprise there, eh?) and I have been having some fun with it... The Windows XP Home version, at the same $399 price point, comes with Microsoft Works 9 in addition to the default Windows operating system applications. Since the Windows OS is larger and uses up a substantial portion of the 4gb hard drive, I had to make some application decisions since I was planning to use this device as a traveling and presentation device. I deleted the Windows Live applications and Microsoft Works, and installed PowerPoint XP (I figured it was smaller than the current versions) and some really old, tiny versions of FTP software and HTML editing software which will do what I need them to do while on the road. I also installed a very old version of Paint Shop Pro which will give me the capability to do image editing if need be.
Bottom line: "the suite of apps on the Linux version would be nice to have for students."

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Kathy Schrock said...

Who, me...odd? Just enjoy making things work the way I need them to. Have to do it all day, every day, as a district administrator of a school district with very limited tech funds!