Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Looking Into the Echo Chamber

I have no idea what this is referring to, but everyone seems wound up about it:

Now, in early 2008, things have changed. Whilst it’s great that there’s more educators than ever blogging, tweeting, etc. the focus has shifted. Those that were formerly in the classroom and relating the changing world and tools available to everyday educational experience are no longer in those positions; educators who have no desire to transform education are blogging. The edublogosphere has changed from being about ‘the conversation’ to being part of ‘the network’. It all smacks a little too much of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and, to be honest, viral marketing of Web 2.0 apps.

Of course, I have found that there is nothing like a vague assertion ("modernism" anyone?) with no examples that gives everyone space for their own free-form interpretation to get lots of conversation going on the blogs.

On a somewhat related note, when's the victory party for "21st Century Skills?" The terminology war has turned into a rout! Every educational plan in the US from the department level to the US Department of Education will include this phrase for the next decade. Bloggers, take some pride in your contribution to this great achievement. You have changed things already!

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Doug Belshaw said...

Hi Tom,

Fair point about the lack of examples. The trouble with that is that it's more a feeling and a general drift, which can be hard to pin down.

That and the fact that if you point out bad examples or that something's wrong in the edublogosphere you get slammed...