Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One for Lauer


Sunday’s win put the Cubs in first place in the National League Central. Given that the White Sox are in first in the American League Central, I was wondering when the last time both Chicago teams simultaneously led their respective divisions.
– Tom B., Streator, Ill.

Tom — The Sox? Why do you care about them? You think Sox fans care about you? How often are the Cubs in first place at all? Next to never? We get to first and you bum my high out with a Sox question? Nice. As for our being number one at the same time as a team that’s managed to post only one more Series win than we have since 1908, and nowhere near our 16 pennants, I’d have to say not too often is the obvious answer. I think the Cubs in first at the same time as that 1-in-40 million giant asteroid hitting the earth is more likely. Don’t write mailbag with any more Sox questions. You’re banned from mailbag for a year.

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Mr. Lauer said...

As i read this I'm sitting at home watching the Cubs losing to the Cardinals. Got a good laugh out of the subject of the post... Thanks Tom...