Tuesday, April 15, 2008

None Dare Call It Freedom

My latest comment on the MacArthur Spotlight blog:

One has to wonder if somewhere in its institutional memory the MacArthur Foundation remembers that it gave a genius grant EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO to Richard Stallman for his pioneering work on the ethics of digital media, i.e., the creation of the free software movement. The way his theoretical and practical (that is, completely changing the way the software industry operates, forever) work has been written out of this discourse, of which the New Media Literacies paper is just one example, is chilling.

You've made him an unperson.

I've made some good calls and bad calls in the past ten years, but I might have been most wrong about believing that US philanthropy and academia would support free software in K-12 education. They just don't believe in it, don't want you to know about it, don't want you to understand it. More than anything else, the academics just don't want to have to write it.

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